Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

For those of you that fall into the “Aging Male” category, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to avoid the plethora of direct to consumer marketing techniques that bombard the airwaves on a daily basis. How many commercials have we seen telling us how we can (with apologies to the Righteous Brothers) “Bring Back That Loving Feeling?!”  Many American males of a particular age group know to ask for the “little blue pill” or similar drugs should they develop erectile problems. That is an open blessing and a curse, particularly among men with low rates of testosterone. The key is to seek medical treatment to determine the actual cause for erectile dysfunction as well as an appropriate treatment regimen.

Before Viagra transformed the treatment of impotence problems and appeared on the scene, testosterone was a significant clinical therapy for this. Testosterone is essential in the male sexual response, including the mechanisms of activating an erection as well as the desire for sex. Some males with erectile difficulties have totally normal levels of testosterone.  However for those whose “fountain of youth” no longer flows testosterone as it once did, it’s definitely a legitimate ED strategy.

One possible advantage to the “testosterone first” strategy is that could allow it to be unnecessary to take a pill in the expectation of a sexual occurrence. The present ED medications belong to a category of drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors. They improve the flow of blood to the spongy tissues. Several challengers have since tried to get a slice of the “ED Pie” by entering into this profitable marketplace: tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra), and avanafil (Stendra).

One of the aforementioned prescription drugs is generally the initial treatment a primary care physician advocate for erectile “functions,” not testosterone. That is simply because they have a tendency to work more faithfully than testosterone, as well as generally much faster. However, about 30% of males who attempt one of the “Big 3,” ED drugs, they do not perform as well as testosterone therapy.

Males with ED who lack testosterone could be offered a hormone boost, often in the kind of a rub-on gel used daily, as well as an ED drug. A team of researchers based at Boston University Medical School to learn. Half used a day-to-day testosterone gel and took Viagra, while another half used a placebo gel and took Viagra. Many were surprised to note that little if any difference was made by adding testosterone. The researchers theorize that the procedure that creates erections past the point at which testosterone could add anything may be supercharged by Viagra. For these males, Viagra functioned so well that there was little room for advancement or erection improvement.

More and more, erectile dysfunction has been viewed as a medical issue that is systemic. That is because ED is commonly due to atherosclerosis, the same artery-clogging process that typically precedes heart attacks and strokes. It is imperative that it needs to be approached more methodically than just beginning with the ED drug. In case a person finds themselves healthy in “every other way,” except that he’s having trouble getting or sustaining an erection, a dialog using with a licensed health care provider is in order. A blood test for testosterone is a great first or next step depending on your stage of the process. In case your testosterone level is not at an acceptable level, then attempting testosterone replacement is practical treatment. If erections does not enhance, then it is time to attempt an ED drug of your (or preferably your Doctors) choice.

Here’s to seeking appropriate medical assistance and to your next erection!

As with any article or guest post on, it must be noted that information contained on these pages is strictly for stimulating and thought provoking conversation and entertainment use. It must be stressed that we offer no medical claims within and encourage each and every reader to seek out the assistance of qualified and licensed medical professionals in order to make informed healthcare decisions.

Do They Work?

Sexy Cop Costume

“Last night my wife tried to spice things up by dressing as a hot policewomen and stating, “You are being charged with being Great in Bed…” After one or two minutes of not “getting it up” she said she was dropping the charge on all counts!”

I couldn’t help but, recall an old joke I heard many years ago. While not a laughing matter, many males have had or are getting the feeling that they are coming up a “little bit short’ in the bedroom. Would you like to please your woman more than ever? How about showing her a performance worthy of a “Best in the Bedroom Award?” Well, if you’ve ever searched the internet for a “cure all” to your love life, then your have probably seen an ad similar to this. Big surprise… It is nearly all hype!

Truth be told is that it is almost, if not entirely impossible to improve on what nature has given you. However, that does not stop hundreds of businesses producing these products and millions of desperate men from buying the latest in “male enhancement.” Ever since Erectile Dysfunction (ED) was discovered to be a medical rather than a mental state in 1983 (followed by 15 years of research before the US approval of Viagra), the notion a man could take charge of his erections using a little “Blue Pill” has been steadily growing in popularity.

This approval led to both traditional pharmaceutical companies and upstarts creating drugs that offer their own take on correcting male impotency, i.e Cialis, Levitra, etc.  This also launched an entire “herbal” industry relying on male vanity and the pursuit of eternal erections. Sadly, nearly all these herbal products only do not function, and in some instances, include substances that can’t be healthy by any definition of the word. Let’s consider several “sure fire” ways the male population may be hoodwinked into buying products which vow to boost their libido and sex lives.

Think hard (no pun intended) about it; Why has the FDA never approved an apparatus or a pill for enlarging the penis? Quite simply because they do not work! Rather, all those spam emails advertising herbal supplements promising “Guaranteed Results” rely on anecdotal evidence and flat out untruths to sell their products. Some unscrupulous companies even go as far as adding the extra assurance of “medical expert” testimonials. What is guaranteed is that your hard earned cash is going down the drain. In fact, some herbs can  actually cause damage (or worse) to ones health. Surely, ones health is more important than the ridiculous pursuit of a longer, thicker member.

If herbal nutritional supplements meant to be an option to Viagra do not actually work, how did they gain so much popularity? Straightforward; Some of them actually worked included amounts of Sildenafil. These investigative studies, including one that analyzed confiscated product(s) in an Asia “Red Light District,” turned up pills that actually included Erectile Dysfunction drugs well in excess of the recommended daily dosages.

There are other companies that advocates making money off “tried and true” exercises and techniques. Some will promote their “revealing top secrets” eBook, that will detail ancient methods supported by questionably historical references. Really? How can one honestly believe an eBook is the answer to their erection challenges or penis length? Please don’t even get me started about penis stretching techniques. Save those body altering rituals for National Geographic and their search for deep reaching Amazon tribe episodes!

Scientists say that if one was successful elongating the penis, the end result would be the unwanted decrease and potency of the erection. Penile chambers are not meant to be elongated when filled with blood; they are meant to stay tight, providing rigidity to the member. In closing, please don’t fall into the temptation of over-hyped sales pitches and make a potentially costly or even worse health-wise mistake. We were all created as unique individuals. Be accepting of your psychical gift and if you are worried about “your size” focus on other ways to please your partners. Trust me, do your homework on what pleases your lover and be ready to be rewarded. It works!

If you have a legitimate ED concern, it is always best to consult a board approved physician. If a doctor prescribes Sildenafil or another ED medication, please heed their advice and take only as directed. This writer can tell you first-hand (no it wasn’t me) about an experience in Central America where Viagra was taken for the wrong reasons (and all that ensued) but, that will require another blog post update altogether. Thanks for reading and bookmarking!