Gold Dagger

The Deputy Manager of the Chinese pharma organization Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Co. revealed his exhilaration in the press conference during the start of their product “JINGE” (translates to gold dagger in Chinese). His jubilation had been nearly eleven years in the making.  They were ready to manufacture “Chinese counter-type to Viagra!”

Viagra, the branded form of Sildenafil Citrate (an anti-impotent drug) was devised by a famous American pharma corporation, Pfizer. In China, the patent of the branded medication expired on May 12, 2014. Due to the prohibitive sexual customs in China, this drug took lots of work to go into the marketplace, eleven years past in the state. Additionally, at the review assembly in 1999 of Viagra, well-known sexologists were concerned that issue would be created by this drug like sexual assault.

Medical advisers at a prestigious university maintained it proved valuable for almost eighty percent (80%) of Erectile Dysfunction sufferers and this drug was indeed successful. At exactly the same time, they discovered this drug would help encourage social stability and harmonious marital relationship. In the year 2000, the selling of the ED drug was approved after favorable outcomes of clinical trials.

Following the acceptance of the sale, this drug didn’t take the anticipated pace in the marketplace due to old-fashioned mindsets of individuals. A well-known physician said they needed to boost this medication by supplying weekly lectures on television for just two straight years, to support men’s health problem. Additionally, Pfizer needed to develop promotional strategies.  To assist this approach, Pfizer hired attractive women and launched a grass roots campaign aimed at “regular guys.”  This technique proved successful in fostering the self-assurance with the Chinese male population.

Viagra became a tremendous success and until 2004, it was going great and it got a solid position in the marketplace; at the exact same time, the China Food and Drug Administration allowed this drug to be sold over the counter. Chinese health care officials assessed the sales of Viagra in the year 2013, which brought in around $145 million as compared to $50 million for Cialis and $13 million for Levitra. Based on statistical data, China has about 130 million males who have problems with erectile dysfunction, and quite few are under standard treatment for the same. Experts are anticipating a tremendous growth with unbelievable potential.

The development and research section of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical is commonly working on developing forty drugs and nutritional supplements that help control impotency problem. Based on experts, the top firms in China will enter the marketplace with nutritional supplements and similar drugs in close future. What this means is that there will not be lots of competition once it reaches the marketplace to drive the generic cost down.

The primary edge of Guangzhou Baiyunshan is the price of JINGE. Around twenty four Chinese pharma corporations are interested in advertising generics of Viagra after hearing this. With an around $100 billion market share, the company that need to experience hard rivalry with Chinese firms has been monopolized by three well-known foreign pharma organizations.

By making more ED medications and nutritional supplements, the aspiration will be to reach almost $16.3 billion within next three years. Additionally, they’re estimating that a solid network with hospitals and drugstores will help boost the sales. Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical stands ready to take on Pfizer and any other ED company. Jinge will boast a similar potency to Viagra but, at half price or less.


Little Blue Pill

Origin of Viagra

Like a lot of medical discoveries, Viagra was by accident.  In true “soap that floats” fashion the hypertension medicine developed by Pfizer‘s Sandwich, Kent England’s Research Facility staff, sildenafil citrate, didn’t decrease blood pressure exactly as planned.   However, a very surprising “side effect” was that erections were produced by at least eighty-percent of the test studies 4,000 patients.  Once this amazing attribute was discovered, word within the medical community quickly spread and Viagara’s acceptance for Erectile Function (ED) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was granted in 1998.  Shortly thereafter, competitive methods of countering ED were launched under the brand names Cialis and Levitra.

Primary Use of Viagara

Viagra can be used to deal with impotence in males. It escalates the capability to accomplish and continue maintaining an erection of the body.  Simply stated, the combination of male sex organ stimulation and sildenafil work in synergy thereby increasing necessary blood flow to the penis.  The end result is erection that is medically induced.  However, this new found or recently rediscovered sexual ability does not protect the patient from sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

Who shouldn’t get Viagra?

Males who’re presently employing medications which contain nitrates for example nitroglycerin shouldn’t use Viagra since, taken the blood pressure can be lowered drastically by their use.  Females should NEVER take Viagra. Though some ladies have documented positive results Pfizer Inc. has created no-claims concerning the results of the medication in women. The organization is within medical screening on females’ first stages, beginning with a check number of 500 ladies at its UK-based services.

Common measures:

If you are experiencing a lack of erections making intercourse impossible it is necessary to have a qualified physician do an evaluation to determine the reason for impotence, etc.  It is recommended that each individual have a total psychical and  health background check.  There’s also many medicines that have potential serious side effect taken in conjunction with Viagara.  Each currently prescribed medication must be noted before taking Viagra.  Once again, it is imperative that your physician know about all medicines you are taking on a regular basis, including non-prescription medicines/vitamins.

Side Effects?

Viagra is generally tolerated well in most patients.  However, if any unwanted effects are experienced, they’re often momentary and moderate.  For some patients, there has been noted a momentary and moderate modifications in seeing a blueish hue and elevated awareness to lighting.  As with any medication, if you experience more severe side effects, seek medical attention immediately.  Many people wrongly make fun of the tagline statement, “If You Have an Erection Lasting Longer than Four Hours Seek Medical Attention Immediately.”  It must be duly noted that this warning is not a joke and in fact, can cause permanent and irreparable damage .

Some of the more commonplace Viagara side effects are;  Altitude Sickness, Headache, Flushing of Vision, Upset Stomach, Infection of Urinary Tract and Constricted Nasal Passages.

Recommended Dosage of Viagara

Most physicians recommend taking Viagra approximately one-hour before intercourse.  Although as many sexual encounters are more spontaneous in nature, it can be taken half an hour up to four hours before intercourse.  As with all medications, being truthful with your doctor will allow the greatest benefit from taking Viagara.

“Soap That Floats” Discovery

Who could ever imagine the incredible accident that led to a previously incurable condition being corrected?  The story of Viagara will be forever linked to the revival of many men’s (and couples) sex lives.  Truly a “Miracle Drug!”

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